Who is AIK?

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Who is AIK?
The Australian Institute of Kettlebells.



‘To design and deliver world leading functional training courses so we equip fitness professionals with best practice and knowledge’.

AIK was developed in 2009 for the purpose of delivering quality Kettlebell education to Fitness Professionals in Australia. We yearned to see people use this tool safely and correctly so more people could experience the wonders associated with it. Our vision has grown to encompass other functional training modes and we are now focused on delivering these to the world.

The Australian Institute of Kettlebells focuses on 7 values to achieve this vision:

  1. World class in content, delivery and service
  2. Fostering collaboration to serve others
  3. Creating and revolutionising industry standards
  4. Solution focused- treating obstacles as opportunities in disguise
  5. Embracing change- adapting to the needs of the industry
  6. Pursuing excellence- striving for progress and not perfection
  7. Cultivating an environment of empowering others through education

Thus, the Australian Institute of Kettlebells exists to not only enhance the skill sets of its participants; it aims to push the boundaries of functional training as we know it.

The Australian Institute of Kettlebells (AIK) provide cutting edge courses in the field of ‘Functional Training,’ with a team of elite presenters with vast experience and technical training from worldwide. All courses are accredited (Continuing Education Credits – CEC) certification boasting world first courses in many areas including Kettlebells, Powerbags, Battling Ropes, MMA Conditioning, Mobility, Rehabilitation, Barbells and Suspension Training. AIK are pioneers in the field of Functional Training and our methodologies, attention to detail and progressive ideas are increasing the standard of personal training worldwide.In addition, AIK are:

  1. The only provider of Powerbags education worldwide
    Australia’s first ever accredited Kettlebells Educators
    Exclusive functional training partners with Australia’s largest Fitness College ‘Australian Institute of Fitness’.
    4. One of only 2 Battling Ropes educators worldwide. The other is US only.
    Partners with International Kettlebell organisations IUKL and IKSFA.
  1. Fundamentals of Kettlebell Training
  2. Level 2 Advanced Concepts in Kettlebell Training
  3. Fundamentals of Powerbag Training
  4. Kettlebells and Powerbags for MMA Conditioning Level 1
  5. Fundamentals of Battling Rope Training
  6. Fundamentals of Mobility Training
  7. Rehab FX
The AIK Master Functional Trainer Program is the highest level of certification. It comprises of 6 accredited Courses: Kettlebells, Suspension Training, Powerbags, Battling Ropes & Mobility. This course provides insider access to AIK trainers and VIP first option invites to new content and AIK opportunities. Most importantly, you will be recognised as a Master Functional Trainer, differentiating yourself as a true elite leader in this growing field of fitness.

Many gyms and studios around the world are identifying the need to incorporate functional training tools and services into their offerings. Premises are adding kettlebells, suspension trainers, Powerbags and battling ropes to their gym floors. They are also dedicating space to facilitate the use of this equipment. These are all amazing and dynamic tools but ONLY when used properly.Without proper instruction, the tools:

  • Become a substitute for a traditional piece of equipment, i.e Using a Kettlebell as a dumbbell
  • They don’t get used by members
  • They get used but in unsafe and dangerous ways that can potentially lead to injuries
  • The consumer is demanding these tools and their increase in popularity is testament to that. Without adding these tools and education then the discerning consumer will seek places that do.
  • Premises need to evolve with the trends of the industry otherwise they will be left behind.

By adding functional training and education to your facility, you will:

  1. Be a pioneer within your region
  2. Build a reputation as a company that evolves and is cutting edge
  3. Retain current members for longer periods
  4. Attract new consumers
  5. Generate great training results for your members
  6. Improve the standard of your team
  7. Opportunity to incorporate new classes and services

Through undertaking our education programs, trainers will:

  1. Learn how to teach using verbal, tactile and visual cues
  2. Learn how to breakdown movements into appropriate steps
  3. Learn when to apply regressions and progressions
  4. They will learn how to create programs that get clients results
  5. They will attract new clientele
  6. They will reinvigorate existing clientele and keep them training longer
  7. They will learn methods to increase service offerings such as semi-private training and small group training.
AIK has partnered with some of the world’s leading educators and organisations to ensure the highest standard of education delivery. These organisations include:

  1. The E4L Academy
  2. The Australian Institute of Fitness
  3. Personal Training Academy
  4. Rehab Trainer
  5. CrankIt Fitness
  6. International Union of Kettlebell Lifting
  7. International Kettlebell Sport and Fitness Academy