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As a young man from immigrant parents living in Australia, life was far from easy for Christian Marchegiani who constantly found himself in numerous scrapes.

Things came to a head after some trouble with the law, who offered him the choice between jail, the army, and a boxing gym. Christian took up the boxing option, and so began his amazing journey.

He went on to lose 48kg, complete a University Degree in Exercise Science, and start a revolution that would change the face of boxing for fitness in Australia.

Looking for a fresh start he headed out to New York and worked with the YMCA who impressed him with the quality of their training and knowledge. On returning to Australia, he decided to use this experience, and so THUMP evolved as a boxing gym above a garage in Sydney’s Inner West.


Disappointingly though, although the gym was popular enough, it was not a profitable business and eventually the point came when the club accountant told Christian he had no money to pay the rent, and that he needed to make some decisions.

However, instead of this being the beginning of the end, a chance phone call turned Christian’s life around: a gym in Toowoomba QLD was looking for a trainer to run a boxing training course, and Christian’s name was one of the first that appeared in their search.

His receptionist took the phone call and told Christian that this was a way for him to pay the rent. So he drove the 10 hours north with no presenting experience, manuals or indeed expectations and turned his life around!

The course was a storming success, and Christian knew that this was the birth of something special and that THUMP would become an internationally recognized leading name in Boxing for Fitness training.

THUMP today has four certification courses for instructors, employs numerous staff globally, and is licensed in thousands of gyms around Australia, NZ, Asia, and the UK.

THUMP Boxing provides a series of courses incorporating the foundations of professional boxing training with the principles of general fitness training.

Through our multiple level system of development Personal Trainers and Group Exercise instructors will learn how to implement effective boxing related exercises and combinations into their sessions.

Important note: Yes, it’s true – for insurance and registration requirements, all Personal Trainers and Group Exercise Instructors must now be accredited if they wish to utilise and teach Boxing for Fitness.