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E4L Academy – Masters of Better Coaching Practices – Accredited Program

The best courses are those done face to face with practical application of understood criteria and information.  Hands on! Come learn the essential skills with your own mentor and experienced coach, upfront and personal and in real life scenarios!  All classes and sessions are done inside our training facility – Elements4Life.

Course Dates:  On Application 

Course Purpose: The ultimate bridging course from newly appointed Cert IV to highly experienced coaches.  Enhance your practical coaching, communication & business skills in one high quality course.

Cost: Normally $399 – SPECIAL PRICE ONLY $220 (Inclusive of GST)

Style: Face to Face & Theory Handbook

Where: Elements4Life in Harrison, Canberra

Theory Duration: 1 day of practical, theory lectures, testing, discussion and assessments (7 Hours)

What you can expect: Practical testing and theory exams.  

What you will receive: CEC’s & a nationally recognised certification.

Payments: Upfront is preferred but payment plans are available on request! 


The E4L Academy is bridging the gap between the Cert IV In Fitness and the moment you actually start your coaching career in the Fitness Industry.   Coaching experience, people management, communication, application, business skills and confidence are integral to your career.  Combine integrity, mindset and professionalism and you are on your way to success.  

The E4L Academy – Masters of Coaching Practices will take you to the next step! This certification is a combination of theory, practical and mentorship based applications that will verify, solidify and enhance your coaching confidence and once passed you will hold a Masters in Better Coaching Practices.

This is the essential course that will legitimise you as a coach, confirm you as prepared, establish your confidence and present you with the essential skills not only to execute your knowledge and training but ensure you build a reputation as a coach of value and respect.

Business success is only as good as your capacity to execute what you have learnt with clear application and communication.  Learn the essential elements that they don’t teach you in your Cert III and Cert IV program.

Do you want to be truly successful, considered competent and overall effective in the workplace?

You need to do this certification!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How are your overall coaching skills?
  • Do you actually know what the skills required are to be considered effective?
  • How do you manage a variety of different people, emotions, circumstances and personalities?
  • Are you a coach or a you a trainer?  What does this mean?
  • Is the industry flawed in regard to teaching truly functional movement?  What does this mean?
  • How do you approach people and build a coaching portfolio?
  • How do you retain clients?
  • How do you execute your programs and know what to look for when screening clients?
  • What are the best things to say to clients, when to say them and how best to ensure long term relationships are built and retained?
  • Do you know how to support habitual change?  Do you train clients with intent or out of habit?
  • Do you understand the attributes and aspects of life coaching that have strong influence over health and fitness?
  • Am I a leader and do people respect me as a coach?

What You Will Learn:

  1. Mindset Attributes of a Great Coach
  2. The Best Coaching Applications
  3. Skills Needed For Successful Engagement
  4. The Difference Between IQ and EQ
  5. Tips To Immediately Improve Your Ability To Connect With Others
  6. Mistakes You Can Make While Coaching
  7. Ways To Build Team Culture and Trust
  8. Leadership Secrets of the World’s Greatest Coaches
  9. Strategies To Increase Your Personal Mastery
  10. How To Improve Your Ability To Communicate

These attributes and stimulators are key process elements to the big picture and our Masters in Better Coaching Practices certification will cover all facets and will build that essential bridge to success.  These skills also apply to your own life and will simply make you a better person.

There is a big difference between being qualified to do a job and actually being competent with the right mindset, experience and coaching capacity.

The E4L Academy – Masters of Coaching Practices (Accredited Program) will provide you with the necessary skills to be the best coach possible and is nationally recognised as a necessary certification to fulfil your duty of care as a coach or an active participant in the Fitness industry.

We recommend this certification if you truly want to obtain the essential knowledge and practical application necessary in your career. You may also be interested in becoming an E4L Academy Professional.  Please see our E4L Academy Pro Certification program.  Click Here! 

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