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E4L Academy Professional Certification

The E4L Academy Pro is the ultimate certification that verifies you as a coach internationally via education, tests of endeavour and skills executed in theory and on our proving grounds.  All proving ground assessments are recorded on video and added to your E4L Academy Profile page which is your ultimate reference point “proving” your value as a coach in a variety of fields.  Only those who hold an E4L Academy pro certification can truly state they are a coach of the highest order as you can prove it.  You will be officially verified in a public domain with a full profile of videos and testing and you can draw on this profile at any time when “selling” your services and value to clients and prospective employers.  The ultimate reference.

Course Dates:  On Application

Course Purpose: The ultimate certification that verifies you as a coach internationally via education, tests of endeavour and skills executed in theory and on our proving grounds.

Capacity:  Limited to 8 people per E4L Academy course

Cost: Dependant on previously obtained certification and prerequisites.

  • $660 E4L Academy Professional Level 1 (Completed individually and separately)(Payment plans available)
  • $660 E4L Academy Professional Level 2 (Completed individually and separately)(Payment plans available)
  • $169 Rite of Passage (Held over one weekend)(Upfront Payment)

Bundles Costs

  • $1250 E4L Academy Pro Bundle (Level 1 & 2 + Rite of Passage)(Upfront only)
  • $1100 E4L Masters Certification Bundle (Masters in Better Coaching, Functional Training and Strength)
  • Full Academy Pro Certification Bundle with all AIK courses (Quote available on request)

Prerequisites Costs 

  • See AIK pages for prerequisite course prices (Special prices available for E4L Academy students)

All other prerequisite courses are mandatory and are priced separately.  Please see our courses. Example: AIK Kettlebells

Style: Face to Face & Theory Handbook

Where: Elements4Life in Harrison, Canberra

Duration: 2 days of practical, theory lectures, testing, discussion and assessments (16 Hours)

What you can expect: Practical testing and theory exams.  

What you will receive: CEC’s & a nationally recognised certification.

Payments: Upfront is preferred but payment plans are available on request! 

Email: getstarted@e4lacademy.com

To pass the E4L Academy Pro certification and “prove yourself” you must complete the following:

  1. Complete all 2 Levels of E4L Academy Professional Certification – Practical and Theory ($660 per course or $1650 Bundle)
  2. Compulsory prerequisite #1 – Attainment of E4L Academy Better Coaching Practices Certification ($660)(Discount available if bundled)
  3. Compulsory prerequisite #2 – Attainment of E4L Academy Functional Movement & Strength Certification ($660)(Discount available if bundled)
  4. Compulsory prerequisite #3 – Attainment of Fundamentals in Kettlebells Level 1 & 2 
  5. Optional prerequisite #2 – A minimum of 2 of the following certifications: Fundamentals in barbells, suspension training, rehab or power bags & power ropes
  6. Compulsory – Successfully complete the E4L Academy Rite of Passage (Choose and complete 12 from 32 tests of endeavour)(Video Recorded)

E4L Academy Professional Level 1

In the E4L Academy Certification Level 1, you will become proficient at the basic movements for various fitness tools including your own body.  You will also learn how to incorporate the basic supplementation and holistic nutrition necessary to achieve a variety of goals. The methods you’ll be learning include calisthenics, kettlebells, steel clubs, steel mace, battle ropes, deadball, wallball, suspension, powerbag, and barbell. You will be learning the basics of each tool but how to best implement them into your programming.  This is a 16 hour, 2-day certification. It is expected that you have already obtained your Fundamentals in Kettlebells Level 1 & Level 2 and other prerequisites.  This certification is only for the serious contender.

  • Learn the basics of 10+ different training tools and the relevant methodologies.
  • Learn how to perform and teach over 100+ different movements.
  • Useful for both professional trainers and fitness enthusiasts.
  • Learn the latest, most efficient way to get and stay in shape for a lifetime.
  • Become part of the E4L Academy family which is a growing international group promoted by the success of athletes and fitness professionals on a global level.
  • Obtain exclusive E4L product discounts and membership rates.
  • Obtain a reputable profile page in the E4L Academy Trainer Global Directory.  Verify your capacity as a coach!

The E4L Academy Certification Level 1 is for anyone that is willing to learn. Whether you want to become a professional trainer, coach or just want to learn how to get into the best shape of your life, then this certification is for you.  Level 1 provides the foundation that you will use as a guide through Levels 2 and 3.

Perfecting each of the core movements will reinforce your capacity to use multiple toys that will stimulate multiple muscle groups and work through various planes of motion. Mastering these movements.  Master the basics!

What you will learn to proficiently execute:



STEEL CLUB – Shoulder Squat

STEEL MACE – Curl Grip Squat

STEEL BELL – Back Squat

KETTLEBELL – Goblet Squat

POWERBAG – Zercher Squat

BATTLE ROPE – Alternating Wave Squat

SUSPENSION – Assisted Squat

BARBELL – Front & Back Squat

KEG – Overhead Squat


BODYWEIGHT – Good Morning

STEEL CLUB – Staggered Front Hold Goodmorning

STEEL MACE – 2-Hand Deadlift

KETTLEBELL – Crush Grip Deadlift/ Side Handle Deadlift

POWERBAG – Back Hold Goodmorning

BATTLE ROPE – Hinged Pulse

SUSPENSION – Assisted Single Leg Hinge

BARBELL – Deadlift

KEG – Deadlift



STEEL CLUB – Front Press

STEEL MACE – Rebel Press

KETTLEBELL – Strict Press

POWERBAG – Shoulder to Shoulder Press

BATTLE ROPE – Double Overhead Press

SUSPENSION – Overhead Extended Push Up

BARBELL – Military Press



STEEL CLUB – 2-Handed Paddle Row

STEEL MACE – Ballistic Curl

KETTLEBELL – Split Stance Row

POWERBAG – Upright 2-Hand Row

BATTLE ROPE – Anchored Squat Stance Traveling Row

SUSPENSION – Plank Rope Climb

BARBELL – Bent Over Row

KEG – Dead Pull


BODYWEIGHT – Arm Swing Jump

STEEL CLUB – Outside Swing

STEEL MACE – Staggered Paddle Swing

KETTLEBELL – 2-Hand Swing

POWERBAG – 2-Hand Alternating Shoulder Swing

BATTLE ROPE – Double Swing Slam

SUSPENSION – 1-Leg Drop Step Explosive Ankle Touch

BARBELL – Barbell Loaded Hip Extension

KEG – Lateral Swing & Hip Extension



STEEL CLUB – Outside Swing Clean

STEEL MACE – Pendulum Clean


POWERBAG – Zercher Clean

BATTLE ROPE – Double Circular Pull Wave

SUSPENSION – Lawnmower Extension

BARBELL – Hang Clean

KEG – Clean


  1. The Philosophies & Principles of the E4L Academy Professionals
  2. The Benefits & Advantages of Each Training Tool
  3. An Introduction to Functional Movement Theory
  4. How to Properly Warm Up, Ramp Up, Increase Mobility, & Breathe During Exercise
  5. How to Perform Basic Fitness Assessments and Create Custom Workouts
  6. An Introduction to Supplementation & Nutrition
  7. How the Rite of Passage will change your training ideology

E4L Academy Professional Level 2

Once you have your E4L Academy Level 1 Certification, you are ready to advance to the next stage of coaching excellence. The Level 2 Certifications involve much more detail into the use of each implement with a focus on programming and effective cycles and training methods.This is a 16 hour, 2-day certification. It is expected that you have already obtained your Fundamentals in Kettlebells Level 1 & Level 2 and other prerequisites including E4L Academy Level 1. This certification is only for the serious contender. 

Level 2 Certifications will include the following: 

  1. Advanced Tools Training
  2. Complete Training Programs
  3. Tools, Cycles & Effective Programming
  4. Strength & Conditioning Specifics
  5. High Intensity, Strength and Variation Programming
  6. Individualisation

Email: getstarted@e4lacademy.com