Who We Are

The CrankIt Fitness team is lead by founder and CEO, Owen Bowling. With a background in professional sport and over a decade of personal training experience, Owen’s passion for helping improve the way people move is the cornerstone of the CrankIt Fitness approach.

The CrankIt Team collectively utilises over 100 years of elite level athletic and professional training experience to create world class fitness products like our signature fitness tool, the CrankIt Straps, and the new CONNECT partner training device. We have competed in, and coached at the elite level in a wide variety of sports and have trained thousands of personal trainers with our fitness education courses.

The CrankIt Fitness team has designed specialised fitness programs to meet your unique fitness training needs.

We also provide you with a network of certified CrankIt Coaches, whose job is to help you get the most out of your training experience, and motivate you to achieve your fitness and health goals.


What We Do

We not only make and sell the world’s best portable fitness training tools, we also run CEC accredited courses on how to use suspension training and partner training tools safely and effectively. These courses are open to both the general public and personal trainers.

We believe that anyone is capable of amazing things, and we encourage you to set your sights high no matter what your dream is!

We love hearing from our fans and customers, so please feel free to contact us anytime.crankit_straps_lean

The CrankIt Fitness Mission

At CrankIt Fitness we create the very best training products, programs and systems that empower our customers to achieve their health, fitness and performance goals. We believe in making a positive difference, not only to our customer but also to those less fortunate than ourselves.

We are committed to staying fit, having fun, and inspiring others to do the same!